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North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association (NCVMA)

The NCVMA represents, advances, and protects your professional interests at the Capitol.


"The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association is dedicated to promoting integrity and excellence in veterinary medicine; providing the highest quality continuing education programs and conferences; supporting its members through public relations and marketing efforts to the public and governing officials; and listening and lobbying on behalf of the interests to the entire profession and serve as an advocate and voice for veterinary medicine in the state." - NCVMA

Why is a membership to the NCVMA Important?

A membership to the NCVMA has numerous benefits including, increased communication, education, innovation, philanthropy and protection. It provides a platform for veterinarians to communicate with each other on new viruses, practices, and work ethics. The NCVMA also supports and sponsors the NC State Fair to education the public, as well as supports local rescue organizations through welfare grants and students through scholarships. In 2007, the NCVMA introduced a bill that provided immunity from liability to veterinarians who reported suspected animal abuse. No other organization in the state has done that for its veterinarian members. For more information please visit