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Cat Clinic of Greensboro

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Good Afternoon Cat Clinic Families

We are so grateful that you entrust us with the care of your beloved feline friends. We have dedicated our lives to taking care of them and hope to continue to do so for many years. COVID-19 has thrown a huge wrench into the way we are able to practice and keep our business open. We are considered an “essential business” and we are proud of this.

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Our New Procedures

During this time, we have stayed open, but we have had to implement new policies and change the way we can see appointments in an effort to keep you and ourselves safe. Scheduling appointments, checking your cat in and out, and making sure you get the information you need is taking longer and for that, we respectfully request your patience.

Our wellness visits, surgeries and dental procedures are being scheduled out weeks in advance. Our staff is working twice as hard and we are exhausted. While the great majority of our clients are understanding and patient, there are a number who feel that yelling at our staff or bullying them will somehow magically create an open appointment time in a day that is already overfilled.

Everyone here at the Cat Clinic works hard everyday to care for you and your cats as if they were our own. We have known many of you for years and feel you are a special part of our hospital. We would do anything we can to help your pet and we often do, going above and beyond and working long hours. We are human, though, and we are being stressed and affected by everything that is happening just as much as you are. We can only see a certain number of appointments in a day. We have families and lives that we need to take care of outside of the clinic as well.

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Some Points for Your Appointment

1. Because we are operating with curb-side service, communication with you regarding your pets must be done by phone. Our phone lines are often busy because of this so we request your patience if you cannot get through right away. It does not help to yell at the receptionists when you do get to speak with them. It does not help if you bang on the door or refuse to step away from the door when we need to open it. If your cat is being seen and you get a call from a blocked number, please answer it as it is most likely one of us calling you from a backline or our personal cell phone.

2. If possible, we ask you fill out paperwork ahead of time by visiting our website at, printing off the necessary forms and bringing them with you. This will save a lot of time at check-in.

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3. When you are asked to set your cat’s carrier by the door, be assured they will only be there a few seconds. Someone is coming right then to bring your cat inside. We ask that you please step away from the door at least 6 feet so that we can open it safely. We also ask that you make sure your cat’s carrier if securely closed when you bring them to the door.

4. We are making every effort to see your cat as quickly as possible. We are offering drop-off appointments to help with scheduling. Each doctor works through the appointments as they arrive and you will be called as soon as your pet is ready to go home. We may not be able to give you an exact time. I f you have elected to wait in your car, we again, are making every effort to see your cat in as timely a manner as we can.

5. If it is getting late in the day and you are calling with an emergency, you will likely be referred to one of the local after hours clinics to help get our kitty seen more quickly. This is not because we do not care, it is simply because there are only so many hours in the day and we cannot stay late everyday to see every appointment.

We look forward to the day when we can open our doors and see you all as we have done in the past. However, it is likely that for the next few months, we will continue to operate in this manner. COVID may affect how we can schedule appointments and how many clients we can see in a day but it has not changed the care and dedication we put into treating each of your pets. We all share the common goal of your pet’s well-being so please work with us to make this happen.