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Dental Care at our Veterinarian Clinic

Dental Cleaning

Dental disease is a very serious and frequently overlooked health problem that we see in clinical feline practice. Unfortunately, in most cases, by the time a caring owner suspects a problem with his or her cat’s mouth, usually there is some fairly advanced gum pathology in progress. Most cats over the age of three years have a significant amount of dental disease. The signs are bad breath, red or swollen gums and discolored teeth. These problems, if untreated, can lead to more serious medical problems including abscessed teeth, tooth loss, infections elsewhere in the body, and kidney disease.
Prevention is the key to healthy teeth and a healthy mouth. The existing tartar (mineralized plaque) must be treated by a professional dental cleaning for effective removal. We clean your cat’s teeth the very same way your dentist cleans yours, by using hand and ultrasonic scalers to remove tartar, and then we polish them. Finally, we place a thin coating of fluoride gel on the teeth to help protect them from further disease.

The main difference is that, in order for us to do a thorough job, our patients must be anesthetized. We tailor our anesthesia to each individual patient to ensure it is the safest for your cat. Many of our anesthesia protocols are the same as that used for humans. This is the safest anesthesia available for animals (and people, too). After the dental visit, you can continue your cat’s dental care at home.

We so strongly believe in good dental hygiene, that if one of our veterinarians recommends a dental cleaning, you will receive a discount on all dental services if the cleaning is done within 30 days of the recommendation.

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